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Our Frequently Asked Questions


How Brighte 0% Interest Payment Plan works for Homeowners

Brighte connects homeowners & Brighte accredited vendors with affordable payment solutions for solar, batteries & home improvements.
How the 0% Interest Payment Plan works:
Step 1: Shop with Brighte
Discover Brighte accredited vendors and request obligation-free quotes. We work with over 500 vendors from around the country.
You can shop with the Brighte marketplace here.
Step 2: Apply for a 0% Interest Payment Plan*
Apply for a payment plan and get a quick decision. Our approval process is simple, fast and fully online. You can get started with your application here.
Step 3: Brighte Pays your Vendors
Brighte Pays the vendor upfront after your job has been completed
Step 4: You repay Brighte over time
Once your job has been completed, your Brighte Payment Plan will be activated!


How do I know if am I eligible for a Brighte product?

To meet the standard eligibility criteria to apply, you must:

1.  be a homeowner or have permission from Strata Company / Property Owner
2.  be 18 years or over
3.   be earning income onshore and employed (minimum 25 hours per week), self employed, self funded retiree or receiving the Aged    Pension or DVA
4.  have a good credit history
5.  be a permanent Australian resident or citizen

This criteria is only applicable for residential consumer finance, not Brighte Commercial Loans.
For the Brighte Green Loan or Brighte Personal Loan, additional documents for proof of income will be requested. If you have requested a quote through the Brighte Marketplace, you may be interested in applying for Brighte pre-approval.


How do I apply for a Brighte 0% interest payment plan?

You can apply for a 0% Interest Payment Plan directly, through the Brighte website via Brighte pre-approval, or at the point of sale with a Brighte accredited vendor.
To apply via the Brighte website, you can start at this link here.
The application process is all online and is broken into two clear steps.
Step 1 – Complete the 2-step pre-approval process to check if you meet our eligibility criteria.
Step 2 – If you meet our eligibility criteria, continue to complete your online application. Once submitted, this will be quickly assessed to provide you with an outcome
Once you receive pre-approval, you can browse the Brighte Marketplace to discover and connect with a Brighte accredited vendor that is suited to your home improvement needs.
Our team will be with you every step of the way and are always happy to answer any questions or queries you might have. Call us on 1300-274-448 (1300-BRIGHTE).
If you require accessibility or disability support, please see Brighte’s options here.


What if I am having difficulty making my repayments?

At Brighte we are committed to our customers and understand that situations can change.
If you are experiencing difficulty in making your repayments, we urge you to please contact us, so we can collect more information about your situation and we can provide more details on the Brighte Hardship Policy.
You are able to contact us directly on 1300-274 448 (BRIGHTE), or email paymentsolutions@brighte.com.au, we are here to help.
If you require accessibility or disability support, please see Brighte’s options here.


Can I choose the timeframe to make the repayments?

Not all Brighte accredited vendors offer all payment options and all terms. Please check with your vendor on what Brighte product they offer, and what payment terms they have available.
Your authorised Brighte vendor will be able to discuss which terms they offer for repayment. We recommend you speak directly to your vendor to find out more about what options they are able to offer.
If you would like to calculate the estimated repayments for the Brighte 0% Interest Payment Plan you can access our a repayment calculator here