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Gas Appliance Installation.

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Gas Appliance Commissioning

For any and all gas fitting services that you need to be done, including commissioning a gas appliance, the gas fitters at Arc Plumbing are your first port of call. When a gas appliance is installed and attached to a power source by your attending gas fitter, it needs to be checked for safety and functionality. This is called commissioning. This is essential before using any appliance as it looks at aspects like ventilation, gas pressure and the soundness of gas connections.

All of our gas plumbers will commission every gas appliance they install and supply you with a certificate of compliance, so you can be sure your new appliance works perfectly and is safe to use. If you have an unlicensed gas fitter install your gas appliance, they will not be able to issue you with a certificate of compliance. Not having one of these could void your appliance warranty and pose a health and safety risk to your home, office, employees or loved ones.


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Don’t forget you can take advantage of our $0 deposit, interest free payment plans**. These plans give you the flexibility to pay back your gas fitting work in easy to manage instalments, rather than all upfront at once. Ask your plumber on site about our plans and we can have you signed up in no time.

Contact Arc Plumbing today if you have any questions or to book an expert plumber for your next gas fitting services.


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