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Your house or building consists of a network of pipes, fixtures and other apparatuses designed to convey water, gas, and sewerage. Plumbing is an intricate part of any structure and one of the most important. Correctly installed and maintained plumbing promotes hygienic sanitation, safe drinking water and a healthy population.

With highly trained technicians, specialised equipment, and lots of experience under our belt, Arc Plumbing has the skills and expertise to tackle all maintenance related plumbing jobs, from tap washer replacements to maintaining complex plant rooms.

Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we’re there for you! Experienced and Equipped to tackle all situations. Whether you’re a food outlet requiring a Grease Arrestor, require Thermostatic Mixing Valves annually tested or have a leak under your floor, Arc Plumbing is your answer.


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